Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Fall TV Favorites

New tv shows - yea!! Last week was very exciting for me for this very reason. Sad? Maybe a little. But if you are nursing a baby, you quickly discover that you are sitting around a lot while baby eats. I like to watch tv while nursing because it doesn't require my hands at all. So I was quite excited to check out some of the new shows and catch new episodes of my old favorites. Here are my thoughts on the ones I have watched:

The Goldbergs - I love, love LOVE this one so far! The show is told from the perspective of a 12 year-old boy who is documenting his family's life in the 1980s. Think The Wonder Years but twenty years later - you know, like our lives when we were watching The Wonder Years (ironic, huh?). In my opinion, it is well-written and fun.

Trophy Wife - This one was a big disappointment for me. Malin Akerman stars as Kate, the third wife of Brad who has three kids with his two former wives. I was excited for this one based on the previews but the show seems incredibly predictable and I was bored. I really expected more, given its cast of familiar faces. I'll be skipping this one going forward.

I'm also watching The Middle, Modern Family, Nashville and Parenthood.The Middle and Modern Family are oldies but goodies! So far, the quirky Heck family has not disappointed me and I am digging Modern Family as much as ever. Nashville is soap opera-y as usual but I still enjoy it. And Parenthood is my perennial favorite.

I also recorded Lucky 7 but I couldn't quite get into it. I may give it another shot, though. I also have Betrayal recorded but haven't watched it yet. What are you watching this fall? Is there anything you'd recommend?