Friday, May 3, 2013

Life As Of Late

Whoever noted that when it rains, it pours, was very wise. Man oh man, has it seemed to pour lately! There is way too much going on to go into details but here is a recap of my past 2.5 half weeks in a nutshell:

  • We got a contract on our house! After 5 years of being on and off the market, we were elated. The only downside is that they wanted us out in 45 days. Yikes!
  • Since we had no place lined up to move into, the search for a new home was fast and feverish. I looked at nearly 20 houses in less than 3 days, plus we sifted through at least 100 homes online.
  • We put a contract on a house! It is new and still under construction so we requested to make some decisions re: final colors and such. It is a beautiful home and just down the road from our business, which is great.
  • I immediately began lining out details for the move, including updating our financials with our bank and signing paperwork to get our mortgage in place. I have also been selling off furniture that won't be needed in the new house and buying/preparing to buy things we will need immediately like a refrigerator and window coverings.
  • We had a record sales month in April for the store - yea! Hopefully I will remember what my husband looks like when I see him again. He has been working 12-13 hour days 6 days a week and has had to work many Sundays too. Craziness.
  • In the middle of this, I found out about some health issues a family member is having which are potentially serious. Hopefully they are nothing but we are still awaiting test results. There are many prayers going up in the meantime.
  • My nearly 13 year-old dog has stopped eating regularly. I don't know why. My vet doesn't seem concerned so I'm trying to ride this one out too.
  • Insert 2-3 instances of randomness/requests from our buyers/their realtor each week and I'm feeling like I might snap.

Anyway, if I have seemed a little stressed lately, that is my world. Oh, and I'm nearly 27 weeks pregnant - yea! That has become totally back burner and I can't believe I'm almost to 3rd trimester already. Hopefully the pouring will slow to a minor drizzle soon. Even in the midst of this insanity, we recognize how incredibly blessed we are. I look around me and see people sick with terminal illness or struggling with recent the loss of loved ones. My problems of today are fleeting and, in the grand scheme of things, are minor. I have full faith that the Lord will carry us through this time and that everything will work out as He intends, even if that plan isn't the same as ours.